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Bootbox v6.0.0 Release Notes

We are excited to announce the release of Bootbox v6.0.0! This major release brings a plethora of enhancements, bug fixes, and updates to the codebase. Our team has worked hard to ensure that this release is packed with features that will make your experience with Bootbox even better. Let's dive into the details!

Major Enhancements

  • Configurable error message for prompt: You can now customize the error message displayed for prompt dialogs (975a2b0). This new feature provides more flexibility in user interactions and improves the overall user experience.

  • Improved modal header rendering: We've made significant improvements to the rendering of modal headers, ensuring that they are displayed correctly and consistently across different use cases (f6108a3, 1dc87a1, 6c7aded).

  • Generating bootbox.locales.js from locale files: Bootbox now generates the bootbox.locales.js file from individual locale files, making it easier to manage and update translations (696fa33).

Minor Enhancements

  • Updated Bootstrap minimum version: The minimum version of Bootstrap required for Bootbox has been updated (f2d4acb).

  • Added JSDoc comments: We've added JSDoc comments to improve code readability and maintainability (5bc956b).

  • Created tests.yml: A new tests.yml file has been created to better manage and organize tests (0310471).

  • Gruntfile updates: We've made several updates to the Gruntfile, streamlining the build process and improving overall efficiency (d51a0f1, c0541a7).

  • Pattern fallback for date and time inputs: Bootbox now provides a pattern fallback for date and time inputs, ensuring better compatibility with different browsers (686963a).

Dependency Updates

We've updated several dependencies to ensure Bootbox stays up-to-date and secure:


We would like to extend our gratitude to all the contributors who have made this release possible, especially Tieson Trowbridge for their significant contributions and dedication to the project. We would also like to thank dependabot[bot] and Jonathan Stark for their contributions to this release.

Thank you for your continued support, and we hope you enjoy using Bootbox v6.0.0!

Codebase overview


Summary + detailed history

The 'faavorite' repository appears to be a codebase for a web application that deals with managing and displaying favorited tweets, user interactions, and various related features. The application integrates with Twitter API, Dribbble API, and other external services to fetch data and perform actions such as favoriting tweets, importing favorites, and resolving URLs. It also includes functionality for handling user accounts, displaying user profiles, handling tags, and generating events and notifications based on user interactions.

The codebase has been actively developed by two main contributors, Nick Payne and Harry Roberts. Nick Payne has primarily worked on the back-end functionality, including integrating with external APIs, handling user accounts, and implementing the core logic for managing favorites and events. Harry Roberts has focused on the front-end, working on UI design, styling, and user experience improvements. Both developers have collaborated on various features and bug fixes throughout the development process. If the new developer needs help or guidance, they should reach out to Nick Payne for back-end related questions and Harry Roberts for front-end related questions.

In the early stages of the 'faavorite' codebase, the focus was on setting up the basic structure and integrating with the Twitter API. Nick Payne started by adding simple methods to fetch the most favorited tweets and making the list of users who favorited a tweet dynamic (8cc4a40, fbf0ae0). The application then evolved to include checks for valid favorite objects, restricting the number of favorites displayed, and implementing the basic account markup (a10ebf1, 2d7e8b6, fd6fdd2).

As the project progressed, the team expanded the application's functionality by integrating with other APIs such as Dribbble and GitHub (e70829a, 26437a4). They also improved the user experience by adding AJAX-based features, like adding comments, and introduced dynamic date handling in the footer (2feed8f, e90d79d).

During this time, Harry Roberts focused on improving the UI and design, working on table of contents, markup, and miscellaneous UI additions (889f249, 9f72e71, af30957). The team also worked on optimizing the performance of the application, such as tweaking the sort order of favorites and handling errors from the Twitter API (563a461, 546496c).

As the application matured, the team added more advanced features, like tracking outbound link clicks, implementing integration tests, and handling user mentions (4f58ebb, ae40f05, bbf523b). They also reworked the user profile logic and added features like user tags and friend favorites (6a49d73, 41f9582).

Throughout the development process, the team continuously optimized the codebase by fixing bugs, improving performance, and refining the user experience. They addressed issues like UTF-8 encoding, optimizing feed queries, and updating the underlying libraries (174b5a7, a0ae7e4, 8942a1e).

In the later stages of the project, the team worked on refining the user interface and experience. Harry Roberts made significant changes to the styling, layout, and design of various components, such as buttons, avatars, and notifications (c85dff6, 07cb8eb, 07ae6f7). Meanwhile, Nick Payne continued to improve the back-end functionality, adding features like random favorite generation and implementing more efficient URL resolution (00bc941, be66b99).

In summary, the 'faavorite' codebase has evolved from a simple application focused on fetching and displaying favorited tweets to a more comprehensive and feature-rich platform that integrates with multiple APIs, offers a refined user interface, and provides an optimized user experience. The team has continuously improved the codebase by addressing bugs, refining existing features, and adding new functionality throughout the development process.



May 29th:

  • Added manual CORS headers in API submit handler and noted that SendGrid doesn't work on edge runtime but will be moved
  • Fixed trivial build errors introduced by package upgrades
  • Added recommended 'sharp' image optimization package
  • Moved email sending logic out of edge function, off critical path, into webhook callback handler
  • Added a note about creating a notifications table (post merge)
  • Renamed Supabase callback handler
  • Took Feedback Rocket embed ID from environment variables
  • Implemented very basic thank you/error widget feedback screens
  • Paved the way for dynamic thank you messages
  • Destructured response and made it dynamic from the server
  • Merged pull request #9 (widget-feedback) and #10 (faster-submissions) into the main branch

May 30th:

  • Created notifications table
  • Merged pull request #10 (faster-submissions) into the main branch

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Chess Shell v2.0.0 Release Notes

We are pleased to announce the release of Chess Shell v2.0.0. This release brings significant improvements to the game engine, AI, and overall performance. The following highlights the key features and enhancements introduced in this release.

Features and Enhancements

Game Engine

  • Introduced game state management (501b82f)
  • Implemented logic to test for checks after a move has been made (30b8dc9)
  • Added support for castling, en passant, and promotion to all pieces (9eb832f, aaac542, dde8d57)

AI Improvements

  • Implemented basic AI functionality with iterative deepening (9eb832f, 8fbe9d8)
  • Added support for multiple AIs per game (4439cf0)
  • Introduced the concept of difficulty levels (6e1c753)
  • Implemented quiescence search for more accurate move evaluations (ffb50c7)

Performance Optimizations

  • Switched to Chars and CharArray instead of Pieces and Map<Int, Piece> for better performance (d1ba7aa, 8027b5a)
  • Optimized pawn movement and king attack calculations (d6d084f, 4430f1e)
  • Pre-generated most legal moves to avoid repeated out-of-bounds checks (c50555a)

User Interface

  • Added support for serving static assets from the resources directory (27e5898)
  • Implemented ASCII board rendering with 'x' instead of space (2d85bac)

Bug Fixes and Refinements


We would like to extend our gratitude to the following contributor for their work on this release:

  • Nick Payne

Please refer to the git log for a comprehensive list of changes in this release. We encourage users to update to Chess Shell v2.0.0 for an enhanced chess experience.

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PD Website v2.0.3 Release Notes

We are pleased to announce the release of PD Website v2.0.3. This release includes numerous improvements, bug fixes, and new features. We would like to express our gratitude to Nick Payne for his significant contributions to this release.

New Features and Improvements

  • Implemented PJAX support for smoother page transitions and improved user experience (3716d8d, 93c8c74, 5205cac)
  • Added support for Firefox and ensured class transition is applied after delay (009da1a)
  • Introduced new themes and improved theming for various sections (8674ce3)
  • Implemented a rough and ready server-side Gist parser (84e7a06)
  • Upgraded jQuery from 1.6.4 to 1.7.1 (c432ad6)
  • Added recommended follow to tweet buttons (4974655)
  • Implemented StatsD for logging and monitoring (5d99112, 4682c63)
  • Reworked PD home page for improved layout and content organization (e2596e5, d1976ae)

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed back button not triggering new theme (1bfc749)
  • Fixed incorrect label colors (52fd8bf)
  • Fixed issue with tags containing spaces and numbers (7b9282f, 190ca4e)
  • Changed ordering of posts from created to PUBLISHED (869110f)
  • Fixed headless test issues and improved test coverage (6b569b0, cdb261a, 376b5e9)
  • Fixed issue with content loaded by PJAX not scrolling to the top (b05d930)


Thank you for your continued support, and we hope you enjoy the improvements and new features in PD Website v2.0.3.